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TWELVE STARS (The Twelve Stars - 2010)

The Twelve Stars is the story of Herculano Fontes, a well-known astrologist, who met Destiny, who has come to propose an agreement. Herculaneum has to show his astrological expertise by meeting twelve women, each one ruled by one of the 12 Zodiac signs. If Herculaneum fails in his pursuit, he will die the imminent death in his astrological chart. If he fulfills his quest, he may interfere with his own destiny and change it at his desire.




THE TWELVE STRAS, Fiction, 100min, 2011, 35mm, Dolby Digital, 12 years





Invited to the Campos do Jordão Film Festival - 2012

Invited to the Gramado Film Festival – 2011

Invited to the India International Film Festival – 2010

Invited to the Paulínia Film Festival – 2010

Luiz Alberto Pereira

Leonardo Brício, Paulo Betti, Cláudia Mello

Débora Duboc, Cássio Scapin, Munir Kanaan, Juliana Vedovato, Adriana Alves, Leona Cavalli, Carla Regina, Francisca Queiroz, Gabrielle Lopez, Martha Meola, Mylla Christie, Paula Franco, Lívia Guerra, Djin Sganzerla, Silvia Lourenço, Rosanne Mulholland

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