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On the eve of his return to Europe after an extended involuntary stay in 16th-century Brazil, the German sailor Hans Staden is captured by a hostile cannibal Indian tribe. In order to survive he tries to convince the Indians that he is not Portuguese (their enemies) but a friend of the French (their allies), and that his God would be very angry if they were to eat him.



Fiction, 35mm, color, 92 min, Dolby Stéreo

Luiz Alberto Pereira



Carlos Evelyn, Ariana Messias, Darci Figueredo, Beto Simas, Milton Almeida, Reynaldo Puebla, Carol Li, Jefferson Primo, Sérgio Mamberti, Claudia Liz, Stenio Garcia, Valdir Ramos, Macsuara Kadwell, Jurandir Siridiwê, Valdir Raimundo, Daniel Munduruku.

Award of Completion HBO 1999


32nd Brasília Film Festival 1999

Special Jury Prize, Best Art Direction and Best Soundtrack


Santa Maria da Feira Film Festival 1999

Best Film Recife Film Festival (CINE – PE) 2000

Best Art Direction and Photography


4th. Brazilian Film Festival, Miami, USA, 2000

Best Photography Cuiabá Film Festival, 2000: Best Film and Photography

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